Fortnite Enter A Rift To Charge The Chrono Cells (2024)

Fortnite: Enter a Rift to Charge the Chrono Cells

In the ever-evolving world of Fortnite, players are constantly met with new and exciting challenges. One of the latest additions to the game is the concept of "Chrono Cells." These mysterious energy sources hold the key to some incredible in-game advantages, and the way to charge them is through entering rifts. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Fortnite, exploring what Chrono Cells are, how to charge them, and the benefits they bring to your gameplay.

What Are Chrono Cells?

Chrono Cells are a unique resource introduced in Fortnite's ever-expanding multiverse. These energy capsules are filled with the power of time itself, and they play a pivotal role in your Fortnite journey. But what exactly do they do, and why should you be eager to charge them?

The Power of Chrono Cells

Chrono Cells hold incredible potential within the Fortnite universe. When charged, they allow players to harness time-altering abilities that can change the course of a game. From temporary invincibility to speed boosts, these abilities can turn the tide in your favor during intense battles.

Entering the Rift

So, how do you charge these Chrono Cells? The answer lies in the enigmatic rifts scattered throughout the Fortnite map.

What Are Rifts?

Rifts are interdimensional portals that transport players to different points on the map. They have been a part of Fortnite's storyline for quite some time now, and they serve multiple purposes. One of these purposes is to recharge your Chrono Cells.

Locating Rifts

Rifts can be found all over the map, but they are not always in plain sight. Look for shimmering anomalies or listen for the distinctive sound they emit. Once you've spotted one, approach it cautiously.

Entering the Rift

To enter a rift, simply walk or run into it. As you step through the rift, you'll be transported to a different location on the map. This can be a lifesaver if you're caught in the storm or need to make a quick escape from a tough situation.

Charging Chrono Cells in Rifts

Now that you've entered a rift, it's time to charge your Chrono Cells. This process is simple but requires some patience.

Chrono Cell Charging Sequence

  1. Upon entering a rift, you'll notice a meter on your screen that represents your Chrono Cell's charge level.
  2. Stand still and let the rift's energy flow through you. Your Chrono Cells will gradually fill as time passes.
  3. Be cautious, as other players may also be charging their cells in the same rift. Keep an eye out for potential threats.
  4. Once your Chrono Cells are fully charged, you'll receive a notification, and your abilities will be activated.

Harnessing the Power

Now that you've successfully charged your Chrono Cells, it's time to put their power to good use. Here are some of the incredible abilities you can access:

Time Manipulation

With charged Chrono Cells, you can temporarily manipulate time, giving you the upper hand in battles. Freeze your enemies in their tracks or speed up your movements for a strategic advantage.


Become nearly invisible to your opponents, allowing you to move stealthily and plan your next move without being detected.


Instantly teleport to a different location on the map, surprising your enemies and catching them off guard.

Chrono Shields

Activate a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage, giving you extra survivability in intense firefights.


In Fortnite, the power of Chrono Cells is a game-changer. Entering rifts and charging these energy sources can provide you with abilities that make you a formidable force on the battlefield. So, the next time you spot a rift, don't hesitate to step through and harness the power of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does it take to charge Chrono Cells in a rift?

    • The charging time for Chrono Cells in a rift varies, but it usually takes a minute or two of standing still inside the rift.
  2. Can I charge my Chrono Cells in any rift on the map?

    • Yes, you can charge your Chrono Cells in any rift you come across. Just be cautious of other players who might also be using the same rift.
  3. Do Chrono Cells have a limited duration once charged?

    • Yes, the abilities granted by charged Chrono Cells have a limited duration. Make the most of them while they last!
  4. Can I use Chrono Cells in solo mode, or are they limited to certain game modes?

    • Chrono Cells can be used in various game modes, including solo, duo, and squad matches.
  5. Are Chrono Cells a permanent addition to Fortnite, or are they part of a limited-time event?

    • Chrono Cells have become a permanent part of Fortnite's gameplay, adding an exciting dimension to every match.
Fortnite Enter A Rift To Charge The Chrono Cells (2024)


Where is the rift gate control in Fortnite? ›

The Fortnite Rift Gate Control is the second location required, which is on the north side of Lonely Labs.

How do you get chaos rift? ›

Gameplay. Chaos Rifts will open every 25 to 35 turns. One Rift will spawn in each province at a predetermined location, though the specific Chaos Realm of the Rift will vary each time. Chaos Rifts last for several turns, after which they close.

What is the OG Fortnite map? ›

Fortnite OG is the very first map that launched with the game, way back in 2017. It must have a special place in many fans' hearts, if the huge surge in players last year is anything to go by.

What is rifts Fortnite name? ›

Luke "Rift" Greenbaum is a Fortnite esports player, previously player for Timber Esports.

What are rifts? ›

: a normal geological fault. 2. : a break in friendly relations : breach. rift.

Who is revenant kado thorne? ›

Kado Thorne is a major antagonist of the Fortnite franchise. He was a very ancient vampire, a time traveler, a wealthy collector, a thief as well as the leader of Eclipse.

How to reach Kado Thorne? ›

If players want to get their hands on Thorne's Vampiric Blade in Fortnite, then they are going to need to travel to Eclipse Estate, where they will find Revenant Kado Thorne, the vampiric leader of the Eclipse waiting inside the basem*nt area.

Where is kado Fortnite? ›

Update v26. 00. Added Kado Thorne as a Boss. He can be found at Eclipsed Estate.

Will Ed Sheeran come to Fortnite? ›

“A Special Ed Sheeran Immersive Experience” will be available in Fortnite starting on October 5, 2023 through October 9, 2023.

Did Fortnite remove rifts? ›

Rifts, Rift-To-Go and Launchpads have been removed to reduce mobility for Getaway Van engagements.

How do you charge a charge shotgun in Fortnite? ›

It is a unique shotgun, being the first of its kind to have to be charged to deal more damage. It can be charged by holding down the fire button, taking 1.7 seconds to fully charge.


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